The owner of Top of the Tier Cake Shop is Ana M. Soto Del Valle. She is a mom of 2 toddlers, a full-time employee of an apparel company in Miami Lakes, FL, an almost college graduate of DeVry University in Business Administration specializing in Small Business Management and entrepreneurship, and a wife. Ana has always loved arts and crafts and being able to create things with her hands. She also loved being in the kitchen baking cookies, cakes and other goodies, especially whenever she would visit her grandmother in Puerto Rico. Her grandmother would always share her oldest New Mexican recipes with a Hispanic twist. After getting married in 2003, Ana became addicted to watching The Food Network. She loved watching Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Sandra Lee and all the reality shows based on cake competitions.

After the birth of her second child, her daughter, Anabel, she stayed home to take care of her due to complications at birth. After several months, Ana decided to take on some cake decorating classes to give her a little bit of "Me" time. Ana then realized that cake decorating is what she was meant to do. At the end of her 4 courses, her instructor told her that if she ever wanted to become an instructor that would she recommend Ana.

Soon after, Ana began on taking orders and then Top of the Tier Cake Shop was founded in the Summer of 2008.