Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going on vacation!!!

Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be going on vacation from Dec. 5th to 12th. So, I will not be able to take any orders during that time. I do have a friend who does cakes on the side from time to time so I can refer you to her. Thanks everyone!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beach Theme Baby Shower

Now, it is the younger sister's turn to have her baby shower. This cake was done for the sister of the teapot cake I did a few weeks ago...I hope that made sense. She had a beach theme baby shower since she is having a baby boy. The decor was amazing.

She wanted the same set-up as her sister's cake: a small cake on top with cupcakes along the bottom and the cupcake stand. She sent me a picture of what she liked and it gave me great ideas.

I started off with the baby. It's made of fondant/gumpaste. This was the first time I made a figurine, other than a little bear I did. I think it came out pretty good for the first time.

I added other figures as well, such as the beach ball the baby is holding, the little crab and the flip flops.
Hubby also helped out and did a great job. He made the lifesaver with the rope, the bucket with the little sailboat and the rake.

The cake itself was a 6-inch vanilla butter rum with a dulce de leche cream filling. I covered it in a marbelized fondant. Around the border of the cake, I covered it with brown sugar and topped the cake with a little bit as well.

The cupcakes are also vanilla butter rum with a dulce de leche cream filling. I also swirled and marbelized the buttercream to give it that ocean color effect. I topped each cupcake with a white chocolate seashell.

As for the cupcake stand, it's covered in a semi-shiny white fabric. The bottom board edge is wrapped in a blue ribbon with sewn daggling beads and sequins. The top 2 boards have a ribbon that is used for scrapbooking that I found perfect for this. It's white with the words "Sea waves blue surf tide splash." Absolutely adorable!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tea Party Baby Shower

Ok, this is my favorite cake to date. It has been the most different and original cake I've done since I've started making cakes this year. The girl who I made this for is having a baby girl and her baby shower theme was a tea party. The location of the baby shower was at the Tea Room in Cauley Square . I never knew this place existed and this little area located in South Miami makes you feel like you are not in Miami at all. I can't wait to go there again and actually having some tea (I don't even drink tea :).

The cake was made with three 6-inch vanilla butter rum cakes filled with a dulce de leche cream. One of the layers was trimmed to 4 inches and the top part is an actual cupcake. I rounded out the edges and each of 3 layers were covered in fondant. The spout and the handle were made of fondant & gumpaste. My husband helped me out with this and he did a great job. Who knows, maybe he'll start doing cakes with me. That would be a great team.

The cupcakes are also vanilla butter rum filled with the dulce de leche cream and topped with vanilla buttercream. I cut out little chocolate and vanilla flowers and placed them on top of the cupcakes. The handles were made of royal icing. I just placed each one into the cupcake like a cupcake pick. These were too cute.
I also made the cupcake stand. They are made of 3 different size cake boards covered in a delicate fabric and brown ribbon around the edges. My husband also helped with finalizing the construction of the cupcake stand.

Overall, it came all together and I think it was just beautiful. The mother-to-be was so happy she said I outdid myself. I think I did. I can't wait to see what will top this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Little Mermaid Birthday

I finally got to do a Disney character theme birthday cake. This was for a friend's daughter who had her birthday theme as The Little Mermaid. This is probably one of my favorite movies growing up and I love to sing "Part of your world." That is one of my old hidden talents. :)

The cake is a 10 inch vanilla cake with a cookies and cream filling. It's topped with buttercream. The seashells are chocolate, which i did myself. The white coral on the cake is royal icing. The figurines were purchased at the Disney store. The big pink seashell in the front is fondant/gumpaste and witten in royal icing.

The cupcake pops were another goody I made. I originally saw this done on Martha Stewart and I had to try them. They are made of chocolate cake that is crumbled up and mixed with cream cheese icing. This acts as the binder. I roll them into 1.5 inch balls, freeze them for 15 minutes, form them into cupcakes with a flower cookie cutter, freeze them again, and the dip them into chocolate. They are all top with white/clear sprinkles and a red M&M. These are sooooo good.