Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zebra Print Bridal Shower Cake with Shoe topper

This cake goes back to one of my original designs (the zebra print cake with the hot pink rose that I did in my very last Wilton class). The request for this cake was made by a good friend of mine's co-worker. Her daughter is getting married soon and wanted a cake for her bridal shower. The colors she chose were black, white and hot pink (my favorite combination). Instead of a rose as the cake topper, she wanted a shoe.

The bottom tier was a 9 -inch 2 layer vanilla butter rum cake with a strawberry cream filling covered in vanilla fondant. The stripes are black vanilla fondant and the hot pink border is just rolled-up fondant balls.

The top tier is the same flavor as the bottom but a 6 -inch cake instead. It's also covered in fondant with fondant accents as well as rolled-up fondant balls.

The cake topper is black fondant mixed with gumpaste. I used a shoe template I found on a cake decorating website. I also used a special tool that shows as if the seams of the shoe were sewn (the stitch mark). I always like to personalize the cakes because it makes it even more special just by adding the person's name. I added the bride-to-be's name: Roxy. I think her name matched the cake perfectly. She loved it and everyone was so happy with the end result.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My son's daycare had a halloween party for the kids and parents. So, the director asked me if I could do a cake. Of course I said yes and was flattered.

I did cupcakes for the kiddies: vanilla and chocolate. I kept them simple. I bought some cute cupcake halloween piks and sprinkled halloween colored sugar. At Michael's, I found Halloween them cupcake stands that were made of cardboard. One was a pumpkin and the other was a spider.

As for the cake, my original idea was a witch but switched it to a ghost with other halloween inspired ideas. The ghost itself is 3 layers of vanilla butter rum with a strawberry cream filling covered in fondant. The bottom part is 2 layers of vanilla butter rum and a strawberry cream filling. I cut out 2 shapes using cookie cutters for the ghost, cat and pumpkin. I wanted it simple and cute. Everyone loved the cake and thought it was cute. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shoe cookies for a bridal shower

Again, I'm a little behind on blogging. I hope to be up-to-date this week. These cookies were ordered from a good friend of mine, Kristy. This was for a family member of hers that is getting married. She loved the shoes I did for our Sex and the City party. She wanted pink and blue and the Cosie shoe cookie. (I also have to post those cookies from our Sex and the City party). These were so cute and everyone loved them. People have been asking me how I do these cookies and if I use cookie cutters. These shoe cookies that I do are one of a kind and I do not use cookie cutters. I think this makes them even more special.