If you would like for Top of the Tier Cake Shop to create your next cake for your special occasion, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Look through our blog to get some ideas of the style of cakes, cupcakes and cookies that we create. If you see a few that you are interested in, please make note. Use the Internet, books, and magazines to more get ideas. Forward us any pictures that will help us in the design process.
  2. Contact Top of the Tier Cake Shop by email at toptiercakeshop@gmail.com. Check with us to confirm if the date is available.
  3. To custom design a cake, we need to know the following: a) number of servings b) type of event c) theme - partyware, invitations, decorations, nursery room decor, birthday person's hobbies, interests and favorite colors. This information will help us come up with ideas that will work best for you. The same goes for cupcakes and cookies.
  4. In order to finalize an order, the following information is needed: name, address, phone number, email address, delivery or pickup, date, time (2 hour time slot), flavors, message, and by whom you were referred by.
  5. Delivery is available at a charge of $15.00 and up, depending on location.
  6. Cupcake stands are also available for rent. A deposit of $25.00 will be held in case of breakage, missing pillars or plates, or misplaced stand. Please note that rental of all cupcake stands must be delivered and set up. All stands must be returned within 7 days of the event or the deposit of $25 will not be returned. Here are the available stands: a) White wire cupcake stand (holds 13 cupcakes): $5, b) Round or Square acrylic cupcake stand (holds up to 100 cupcakes): $25.00, c) White round wooden cupcake stand (holds up to 125 cupcakes): $30.00.
  7. If you are a bride and are interested in a cake tasting, there is a charge of $15 per person. If you want to proceed with the order, the charge for the tasting will be deducted from your balance. All orders for weddings must be made within 3 months of the wedding day. Wedding cakes start at $350 (servings for 100 people) and  delivery & set-up is $50.00. Cake plates and stands are also available for rent. Please let us know what you are interested in so we can find the product that will work with the wedding cake design.
  8. A contract will be prepared and emailed it to you. Please review, print, sign and return to us with a 50% deposit (check, cash or credit card using PayPal). All checks to be written to Cash.
  9. Final payment (check or cash) is due when the product is ready to be delivered or picked up.
Price is based on size and design. Custom cakes start at $75. Cupcakes (regular) start at $2.50 and minis at $1.00. Decorated cookies start at $2.50 and gourmet bakery cookies are $7.50 per dozen. There is a minimum order of 24 cupcakes.