Friday, October 3, 2008

Tea Party Baby Shower

Ok, this is my favorite cake to date. It has been the most different and original cake I've done since I've started making cakes this year. The girl who I made this for is having a baby girl and her baby shower theme was a tea party. The location of the baby shower was at the Tea Room in Cauley Square . I never knew this place existed and this little area located in South Miami makes you feel like you are not in Miami at all. I can't wait to go there again and actually having some tea (I don't even drink tea :).

The cake was made with three 6-inch vanilla butter rum cakes filled with a dulce de leche cream. One of the layers was trimmed to 4 inches and the top part is an actual cupcake. I rounded out the edges and each of 3 layers were covered in fondant. The spout and the handle were made of fondant & gumpaste. My husband helped me out with this and he did a great job. Who knows, maybe he'll start doing cakes with me. That would be a great team.

The cupcakes are also vanilla butter rum filled with the dulce de leche cream and topped with vanilla buttercream. I cut out little chocolate and vanilla flowers and placed them on top of the cupcakes. The handles were made of royal icing. I just placed each one into the cupcake like a cupcake pick. These were too cute.
I also made the cupcake stand. They are made of 3 different size cake boards covered in a delicate fabric and brown ribbon around the edges. My husband also helped with finalizing the construction of the cupcake stand.

Overall, it came all together and I think it was just beautiful. The mother-to-be was so happy she said I outdid myself. I think I did. I can't wait to see what will top this.

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Jenny L. said...

This is beautiful, Ana! I absolutely love it. If Top of the Tier needs marketing materials let me know I'd be happy to help out =)