Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Wedding Cake

Ok so this is the long anticipated first wedding cake I did back in December of 2008. This was for my really good friend's cousin. She lives out of the country as well as her husband (now) because of their job. We had a cake tasting that was amazing and they couldn't decide between the cake flavors and fillings. The cake was 4 tiers along with 2 sheet cakes. All the cakes were vanilla covered in red vanilla fondant but each tier had a different filling. The fillings were dulce de leche, oreos cookies n cream, and strawberries. All Delicious!!!! Another cake decorator friend of mine, Kathy Munoz, helped me with the decorating of the cakes. I underestimated the amount of detail that went into piping the scrollwork design and then painting it in gold. In the end, it all came out perfect. The cake was just beautiful and complemented the season of Christmas.

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