Saturday, July 12, 2008

Engagement Cupcakes

My friend, Carla, recently got engaged and was going to have a party to celebrate this wonderful occasion. We discussed doing a cake but I had mentioned to her since it wasn't such a formal setting how about cupcakes. I sent her pictures of what I had in mind and she loved the idea. We went with 2 flavors, vanilla rum and chocolate. On the vanilla rum cupcake, I iced it with vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream on the chocolate cupcake. I did their initials (C & S) in royal icing, teal for the chocolate and red for the vanilla. However, the red initials never set properly so I piped the initials in red colored buttercream on the cupcake. They turned pretty good and everyone had their fair share of cupcakes at the party.

The chocolate cupcakes had the teal royal icing initials. I did these all by hand, about 50 or so because I knew they would break when I tried to insert them in the cupcake.

The vanilla cupcakes with red colored vanilla buttercream.

As for the cupcake stand, my husband, Ariel, and I did this too. We got some measurements from another cupcake stand I saw online. I covered each layer in a shiny white fabric. Carla gave me some left over ribbon she had bought for the party. I used the red thick ribbon for the bottom and the thin teal ribbon for the top part.

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