Friday, July 18, 2008

Wedding Cookies

Again, I did another little project for my friend, Carla. She wanted to send some cookies to the girls she was going to ask to be her bridesmaids. I did 3 different styles: wedding dress, wedding cake, and the bridesmaid dress. She told me she wanted the cake to be black and white and the bridesmaid dresses to be yellow. Every cookie is different. The top wedding dresses just have a basic design to them. Two of them have a little fabric bow.

The dresses have the tulle added to them like if they were a princess dress. Some of them have fondant cut-out flowers.

As for the wedding cake cookies, the first three are just basic with hardly any black. Some of them also have the fondant cut-out flowers.

These cookies I added more black to them to give the black and white contrast, which I love, and more fondant cut-out flowers.

The first three bridemaid dress cookies, I went with a white outline.

The last three have theblack outine to them. There is more of a contrast. Each has a defined waist with a neckline.